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Helping you choose the right boiler for your home

Before working out the right system for your home, we will explain the full range of options available to you. Every product we recommend are among the most efficient – from our A-rated boilers to our simple to use controls.

Whether it is combi or conventional, you will get an energy-efficient A-rated boiler that could save you money on your heating bills.

Luxury Bathroom

Benefits of a combi boiler

Takes up little space

Hot water on demand

No need for hot or cold water tanks

kitchen fitting

Benefits of a conventional boiler

Provides hot water to more than one tap at a time

Back up hot water via electrical immersion

Use hot water + heating at the same time

Save money and help reduce carbon footprint

Condensing boilers are far more efficient than non condensing boilers due to the fact they reuse heat that would otherwise escape through the flue. As reused heat cools, the temperature drops forming liquid water, thus condensate is created.

SEDBUK “A” rated condensing boilers reduce substantially on fuel use and carbon emissions.

JSB Plumbing and Heating Essex

SEDBUK is a Government run programme established to ensure best practises and asses’ boilers for energy efficiency.It is a graded system from A to G.

“A” rated boilers have high efficiency levels of around 90%. 100% would mean no heat loss or wastage of fuel inputs.

Included with your new “A” rated boiler

Peace of mind – extended manufacturing warrantees, rest assured you are in safe hands. We are here to support you, before, during and after installation.

Magnetic Filter – Installed with every new boiler giving it the protection it needs from sludge or debris.

Chemical Flush – Performed after every installation on your heating system to remove sludge and debris, improve efficiency of new boiler. Power Flush available on request.

Professional Choice – Every installation carried out by DBS checked, Gas Safe qualified, JSB Boiler engineers. Regular internal training to continue to give 100% satisfaction to you, the customer.

Boiler Controls – Upgrade your controls to create comfort and reduce energy levels, bringing everything up to “Part L” with building regulations. Take complete control with smart controls and manage energy usage and fuel bills.

Free Survey
  • Book your free survey today! Our experienced and friendly surveyor will visit at a convenient time for you!

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